Building the image of the Unique Tower complex as a place worth living in to enjoy luxury on a daily basis and as a promising investment opportunity.

Marvipol Development S.A. is a leading property developer with an over 20- year market presence. The Marvipol Development Group is executing and developing 21 residential and aparthotel projects and is involved in the construction and commercialisation of 9 warehouse projects.


The purpose of our efforts was to present Unique Tower to the market as a mixed-use project, including an area with investment apartments under the prestigious Royal Tulip brand and a collection of luxury residential units at the top of a high tower.

Getting across the message emphasizing the benefits of Unique Tower to prospective buyers who are looking for an attractive investment or who want to buy an apartment for their own needs.

For the purposes of the project, we have prepared a series of articles and placed them with media titles reaching the selected target group. The materials describing the advantages of the Unique Tower complex have been divided into three groups: materials concerning mainly the investment apartments (Unique Apartments or Royal Tulip Warsaw Apartments), materials focusing on the residential part of the project, including the unique 500 sq. m. penthouse, and materials presenting the strengths of both parts of the complex.

In the materials we highlighted the excellent location in ‘Warsaw’s Manhattan’ and the high-class nature of the project, featuring many prestigious amenities and standing out in terms of well-thought-out architectural design with the investment apartments separated from the residential premises, which is a unique solution on the market.

Key communication tasks:
  • Present a series of arguments in favour of investing in property, especially in projects at locations that offer attractive prospects for investors.
  • Present the business model offered to investors in the Unique Apartments complex in a clear and understandable way, listing the key benefits for the apartment owners.
  • Demonstrate that investing in professionally-managed rental apartments is one of the best ways to earn passive income as you earn it without sacrificing your free time.
  • Build the image of Bliska Wola, where Marvipol Development is building the Unique Tower complex, as Warsaw’s new office centre and a place where business meets elite lifestyle – ‘Warsaw’s Manhattan’.
  • Emphasise the high-class profile of the project, which is unique for its well-thought-out architectural design with the investment apartments separated from the residential premises, a solution rarely to be found on the market.

The effects of our actions:

  • Improved recognition of the project with both target groups.
  • We have successfully built the image of Unique Tower as Warsaw’s new office centre and the place where business meets elite lifestyle – ‘Warsaw’s Manhattan’.
  • We have expanded market awareness of the advantages of investing in property
  • We have reinforced the image of Marvipol Development as an expert in prestigious, unique projects at the most attractive locations.
  • Generation of sales leads
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