Media Relations

Maintaining effective media relations in the day of the internet and social media is a true art.

Having good relations involves not just sustaining everyday contact with the printed press and electronic media but also possessing an intimate familiarity rooted in experience with the dynamics of how they operate in practice.

Media relations is the PR tool that is most frequently used to shape a firm’s image and communicate with its clients, business partners and the overall market environment.

Tauber Promotion supports its clients to optimize their media strategy; it prepares their key staff members to interact with the media and issue statements; and it pursues a model of cooperation predicated on partnership and full awareness of the actions taken by clients.

Our media relations offering:

  • Media audits and media perception analyses
  • Shaping corporate image in the media
  • Preparing press materials:
  • Current information, comments, expert articles, press releases and reports
  • Organizing meetings with journalists:
  • Press conferences, briefing sessions, breakfasts and one-on-one meetings
  • Running a client’s press office
  • Crisis management


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