Initial Public Offering – IPO

An IPO is a landmark event in the life of every company. In an IPO a privately-held firm of interest primarily to its owners becomes a company that attracts the interest of capital market players: regulatory bodies, economic media and investors.

The process of communicating with the capital market when done right exerts a major impact on an IPO’s success. Professionally organizing an IPO promotion campaign in conjunction with running a coherent information campaign regarding the IPO directly contribute to how investors perceive a company.

Tauber Promotion specializes in handling IPOs whose capitalization ranges from tens to hundreds of millions of PLN. We have the ability to reach the investor community effectively to maximize IPO value by tapping into our many years of capital market experience.

Tauber Promotion’s array of services

  • IPO concept and campaign strategy
  • Media relations
  • Preparing investor presentations and materials
  • Training senior executives on delivering management presentations and public speaking
  • Typesetting, printing and distributing the prospectus
  • Investors relations website
  • Graphic design and artwork
  • Preparation, execution and buying media
  • Organizing the debut on WSE
  • Preparing clients to fulfill their reporting duties

Crisis management

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