Investor relations

Investors relations involves shaping a company’s image on the capital market by managing the flow of information related to finance, strategy and marketing.

Well-managed companies maintain the proper level of communication with capital market players. They help investors make investment decisions and as a result they contribute to the market’s ability to arrive at a fair valuation.

We set up a dedicated team to cooperate with each client. Team members have many years of capital market experience.

We are effective because we view our clients from an investor vantage point. Our efforts are based on a profound grasp of the individual traits of our clients and the industry in which they operate. We cooperate closely with senior management when articulating and implementing an investor relations strategy.

What sets us apart?

  • Many years of experience in cooperating with tens of companies
  • Profound familiarity with the investor community
  • Familiarity with investor requirements
  • Understanding of financial analysis
  • Long-term media relations

 Comprehensive investor relations offering:

We advise companies on fulfilling their reporting duties – we help them implement MAR II – the set of rules implemented by the European Commission’s directive in force since July 2016.

  • Analysis of a company’s capital market image
  • Communication strategy
  • Actions targeting research analysts and investors
    • audit of a company’s actions to date
    • investor presentations, financial results, annual reports, information materials
    • preparing a company’s management board to deliver investor presentations
    • organizing investor meetings and conferences in Poland and abroad
    • shareholder meetings
    • loyalty programs
  • Web communication
    • managing the website’s investor relations section
    • chats with investors
    • newsletters
    • web forums
  • Media relations
    • shaping a company’s media image
    • press conferences
    • media training
  • Crisis management


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