Real estate marketing
Victoria Dom

Participants of the ‘Can real estate be a good investment?’ debate hosted by Victoria Dom, a property developer, were given the opportunity to learn how to protect their capital and generate returns.

Victoria Dom S.A. is a leader among residential developers operating in Warsaw. The company specialises in the construction of multi-family housing estates, offering well-designed, easy-to-arrange, comfortable apartments well connected with other parts of the city. Victoria Dom S.A. is a member of the Polish Association of Developers and a holder of Developer’s Certificate attesting to its reliability and professionalism.


The project aimed to hold a discussion addressing real estate investments at the time of COVID-19 pandemic. The main goal was to demonstrate residential real estate is a particularly valuable investment product that protects capital at a time of crisis against losses and inflation risks.

The debate was held in May 2020, when the economy was being gradually reopened after a pandemic lockdown.

Representatives of Victoria Dom and the Obido online platform were invited to join the online discussion, and Puls Biznesu daily was the media partner of the event. The debate received wide online coverage, attracting a large audience. Participation was free, subject to prior registration.

The wide publicity given to real estate investments and the option to actively participate in the debate helped to reach potential investors interested in buying investment property. By participating in the debate, Victoria Dom raised its profile with the investor community, and the shared upsides of investing in real estate were further amplified by opinions stating that real estate investments offer long-term capital protection.

Key communication tasks:
  • Build market confidence that investing in real estate protects capital in the long term
  • Position Victoria Dom as the developer of choice among residential investors

The effects of our actions:

  • We reached investors interested in buying investment property
  • We secured new leads
  • We created the perception of Victoria Dom as a developer offering attractive buy-to-let apartments
  • We convinced investors that real estate is a safe alternative to invest savings during both an economic upturn and a time of crisis.

A video recording of the debate is available online. A summary report on the event was also prepared and published by Puls Biznesu daily.

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