Investor relations
MLP Group

The market cannot put a value on something it does not know exists – the saying holds true particularly when the market value of a company is driven by information provided by the company itself.

MLP Group is a leading warehousing and manufacturing space developer. It operates in Poland, Germany and Romania as a developer, consultant and property manager offering versatile solutions for warehousing and manufacturing space optimisation to many international and domestic companies. The Group develops all its logistics park projects in very attractive locations, using built-to-suit solutions.

In keeping with its build & hold strategy MLP Group’s logistics parks are retained in its portfolio upon completion.


Tauber Promotion was to deliver a full range of investor relations activities designed to introduce investors to MLP Group’s business and key performance drivers and to forge and manage day-to-day relationships with investors and the media. The Agency prepared press releases, investor presentations and various materials showcasing the company’s activities, achievements, and goals. We designed and delivered warehousing space marketing materials to create market awareness of the company. The Agency was also responsible for creating an IR section on the corporate website and for regularly updating IR content.

The MLP Group was the first warehouse developer on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (its stock has been publicly traded since October 2013). In order to encourage investors to buy company shares, the key task was to educate investors and to highlight growth prospects, market trends, key drivers of economic activity in the warehouse segment and the sources of competitive advantage over other commercial properties offered in the market.

Key communication tasks:
  • Build a strong reputation and trust in MLP Group among capital market participants
  • Build awareness and position of the company in the commercial property market

The effects of our actions:

Our joint effort and success in reaching investors created a sustainable long-term upward trend in the MLP Group stock price and triggered steady growth in the average trading value of company securities. MLP Group is a transparent company open to its external stakeholders, providing investors with key information necessary to take informed decisions.

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