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BPI Real Estate Poland

Belgian developer that shapes city space

When building brand awareness for BPI REAL ESTATE POLAND we relied on the developer’s unique approach to investment planning. In their own words, ‘BPI’s ambition is to imagine and design innovative projects that put people at the heart of the multicultural cities of tomorrow.

BPI REAL ESTATE POLAND is a property development company operating in Belgium, Poland, and Luxembourg. The company is part of Belgium’s CFE Group listed on Euronext Brussels and currently employs over 8,000 people worldwide.

BPI REAL ESTATE POLAND develops projects in Warsaw, Wrocław, Gdańsk, and Poznań. The developer strives to ensure high-quality design, shape the urban space surrounding its projects, and deliver environmentally-friendly solutions.


Despite its long-standing presence in Poland hardly anyone had heard of BPI REAL ESTATE POLAND when we first established a business relationship in 2017.

Therefore, our task was to position and develop awareness for BPI REAL ESTATE POLAND in Poland virtually from scratch.

In our long-term communication strategy for building a brand identity of BPI Real Estate Poland in Poland, we applied a wide array of PR activities to reach the largest possible audiences with our message.

Coherent PR activities that were compatible with related marketing efforts prompted wide media coverage of projects implemented by the company in Poland. Expert statements by BPI REAL ESTATE POLAND representatives in the media allowed us to advertise the experience, unique know-how and environmentally-friendly approach employed by the developer in its projects.

Our robust media communication and collaboration capabilities allowed us to navigate BPI REAL ESTATE POLAND through a crisis that was ultimately converted into a reputation success.

Key communication tasks:
  • Change the market perception of the company from a little-known business to an experienced property developer
  • Position the company as an expert and a strong market player in Poland despite a lower number of projects in its portfolio compared with the largest peers

The effects of our actions:

Our partnership with BPI REAL ESTATE POLAND helped to create a strong brand with solid brand recognition among clients, journalists and industry players

Client testimonial

Our relationship with Tauber made us realise the importance of integrating PR activities into the marketing strategies of individual projects but also into the process of building brand awareness and the image of a go-to expert.’
Daria Małecka, Marketing Manager, BPI REAL ESTATE POLAND.

Continued business relationship

  • We continue to work with BPI REAL ESTATE POLAND on their new projects in Poland
  • As part of the partnership, we communicate each real estate project and continue to build the market image of BPI REAL ESTATE POLAND. We assist the client with communicating project milestones until completion.
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