Victoria Dom anticipates an 80% sales upswing in 2016

The Warsaw-based developer summarized its performance for the first 3 quarters of 2016 when it earned revenues of PLN 80.6 million and net profit of PLN 11 million. The figures are comparable to those for the entire year 2015. Since apartments in the projects that are nearing completion are currently being handed over to the buyers, the numbers for the entire year 2016 will be much better than last year’s.

In the first three quarters of the year, Victoria Dom earned revenues of PLN 80.6 million. The Warsaw-based housing developer also posted EBIT of PLN 16.1 million and net profit of PLN 11 million. This performance is similar to the results generated by the company in full year 2015 when revenues amounted to PLN 90.8 million, operating profit PLN 17.3 million and net profit PLN 11.3 million.

“In our opinion, the performance after the first 3 quarters of the year is very robust. We assume that it will be at least twice as high for the entire year, because of the apartment handovers in the projects currently being finalized. We continue to hand over apartments to our customers at the Przy Parku housing estate in Targówek at ul. Rembielińska and at the Osiedle Classic project at ul Przaśna in Tarchomin; within the next few days, we will begin the handover of apartments at the Viva Garden project at ul. Białołęcka in Białołęka. Virtually all these projects have been sold out during construction” – said Waldemar Wasiluk, Vice-President of Victoria Dom.

For full year 2016, the Management Board of Victoria Dom projects revenues of PLN 164.2 million, up by more than 80% above last year.


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