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„In the Heart of the Nation” – a business meeting in the presence of Modern Art White&Case

In conjunction with the opening of a new exhibition entitled “In the Heart of the Nation” at the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw the White & Case law firm invited its clients and business partners to visit the museum together.

This exhibition was one of the museum’s largest exhibition-related undertakings and portends a standing collection that will be displayed in the new building housing the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw. This exhibition forms a response to the many years of efforts undertaken by the artistic community in Poland to create a standing collection with a global reach to define and exhibit simultaneously the most important themes and schools of Polish art.

Tauber Promotion was responsible for organizing the entire event, starting from devising the concept and the script to coordinating the work done by subcontractors and supervising the course of the entire event.

The glamorous and specially arranged backdrop lighting for the building captured the attention of guests as they entered, thereby underscoring the exceptional nature of this venue. The space throughout the building housing the Emilia Department Store in which the exhibition took place was arranged so as to emphasize the exceptional nature of the meeting and the exhibition consisting of more than 150 works. The museum’s spatial arrangement designed for the evening business meeting was the outcome of devising a joint concept with the Museum of Modern Art that involved unobtrusive elements designed not to detract from the artists’ works.

White & Case’s guests had the opportunity to visit the exhibition in the company of Museum employees and talk with art collectors. A business card lottery was held during the evening for four up-and-coming artists’ paintings: Tomasz Kozłowski’s “Samochody” (Cars), Ewelina Mąkosa’s “Spectators”, Wiktor Janicki’s “Osiedle” (Neighborhood) and one of the paintings in Mateusz Dąbrowski’s series entitled “Garaż” (Garage).

This business meeting in the presence of modern art in the Emilia building enjoying a cult following was received enthusiastically by the White & Case law firm’s guests who will surely commit the evening to memory.


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