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Central and Eastern Europe 2016

The Economic Forum in Krynica referred to as Poland’s Davos is the most important business event and meeting place for top-ranking national government representatives and business leaders from the CEE region.

Under Corporate PR Tauber Promotion proposed that Roland Berger Strategy Consultants organize a discussion panel entitled “Central and Eastern Europe 2016: opportunities, threats, business growth prospects” during the Economic Forum.

We engaged reputable authorities such as Professor Marek Belka, former Prime Minister and Executive Secretary to the UN’s Economic Commission on Europe, Paweł Poncyljus, deputy minister of the economy and Jan Krzysztof Bielecki, former Prime Minister and CEO of Pekao SA to participate in the panel. The animated discussion between the panelists contributed to making the panel discussion organized by Roland Berger Strategy Consultants one of the most interesting discussions during the Economic Forum in Krynica. Information regarding this panel was reported in the leading economic media.

This panel discussion in combination with the partiicipation of the client’s consultants in other conferences during the Economic Forum materially strengthened Roland Berger’s position as a leading consulting firm on the Polish market.


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