Presentation of the Bobrowiecka 8 office building

Spectra Development invited real estate agents to a meeting during which it presented its newest office project in Warsaw, namely, the Bobrowiecka 8 building forming part of the Bobrowiecka Complex. The event’s other purpose was to introduce the company’s management board and its proprietary concept for “Culture as an Inherent Part of Working Space” according to which this office building is being built.

The meeting took place in Spectra Development’s current building and registered office – the Bobrowiecka 6 office building built during the first stage of the Bobrowiecka Complex. This office building is a to display the creativity of contemporary Polish artists under the Spectra Art Space project in cooperation with the Starak Family Foundation. The permanent collection and temporary exhibitions depict the works of the most outstanding Polish artists. Through its proprietary concept entitled “Culture as an Inherent Part of Working Space” Bobrowiecka 8 will continue this novel idea for displaying art in office spaces, specifically in the form of an unparalleled Garden of Art that will serve as a venue for exhibitions of young Polish artists. This meeting was organized with artistic works forming the backdrop to acquaint real estate agents with the idea underpinning this concept. At the same time, it showed how the presence of artwork may support organizational culture, thereby stimulating growth and employee creativity in future tenants’ offices.


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