Presentation of KSG Agro results and chat with the Company

In connection with publication of financial results of KSG Agro took place a meeting with representatives of financial sector and economical media. The Company participated also in chat for investors on the portal

The Company published its results for 3rd quarter, which were discussed and commented on the meeting with economical journalists, as well as stock market analysts and financial funds’ representatives. Participants had possibility to talk with the Board of the Company from Ukraine.

Moreover, at 9th November on portal was chat with General Director of KSG Agro – Serigiej Mazin. The chat was directed to individual investors and was to summ up this year’s achivements of the Company  and to discuss the Company’s development perspectives.

Transcript of the chat: Sergiej Mazin Dyrektor Generalny KSG Agro S.A.


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