Social media – time to go online!

INPRO S.A. is one of the most recognised property developers in the Gdańsk-Gdynia-Sopot (Tri-City) agglomeration. Its portfolio includes primarily high-end flats and apartments as well as single family houses. The company also develops commercial projects, including apartment hotels and office buildings, and provides construction services.


INPRO’s ability to reach potential clients was largely limited without a social media presence.

The real estate market is a tight competitive race, and building a stable follower base is a real challenge.

Our social media campaign for INPRO focused on two social networking services, Facebook and Instagram. The strategy was to publish casually-worded and straightforward content promoting the brand’s products, which helped increase intimacy between the brand and internet users.

All posts came with eye-catching high-quality graphics that attracted users’ attention and showcased the developer’s projects in an exciting way. The graphics were often signed with INPRO’s or a particular project’s logo, introducing visual identity and boosting brand recognition.

The published content included links to related pages on, which has translated into increased website traffic and increased interest in the company’s products and services.

Key communication tasks:
  • Enhance brand awareness
  • Showcase the company’s projects
  • Develop a positive image of the developer on social media
  • Drive interest in the company’s products and services by encouraging visits on

The effects of our actions:

  • We raised brand awareness through captivating content, with over 1,000 posts published on Facebook and Instagram accounts
  • We ran successful promotional campaigns on social media that helped to expand the company’s audience and increased website traffic, giving a boost to sales
  • We managed to significantly increase interest in Inpro’s residential space offering
  • We attracted a stable audience on Facebook and Instagram
  • We helped increase website traffic
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