‘In the Heart of the Country’

Business meeting surrounded by fine art

White & Case is an international law firm that established its market presence in Poland in 1991. The firm has grown its legal practice in numerous fields since then, including dispute resolution, banking, finance and restructuring, capital markets, mergers and acquisitions, energy, and real estate. White & Case lawyers were part of many landmark transactions and litigation cases in Poland, with their number having grown to almost 80.


The purpose of the meeting was to present the new partners at the helm of White & Case after a recent generational change on the team.

Preserve business relationships and build the image of a forward-looking law firm that is open to face new challenges and strives to meet and exceed client expectations.

The concept for the event prepared for White & Case combined youth with modernity and constant change. We introduced the new generation of lawyers at the helm of the firm in a modern art setting of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw.

‘In the Heart of the Country’ was one of the largest exhibition projects of the Museum of Modern Art, aiming to create an art collection with a global reach that would simultaneously define and showcase the main themes and trends in Polish art.

We invited clients and business partners of White & Case to see the exhibition on its opening day.

The impressive custom-designed lighting installed on the building captured the attention of invited guests, emphasising the unique location. The entire space of the former Emilia Department Store housing the exhibition was arranged and illuminated in such a way as to underline the uniqueness of the meeting and the exhibition comprising over 150 works of art.

Guests invited by White & Case were given a tour around the exhibition by curators, and conversations with art collectors were an inspiration to start own art collection or invest in art.

A business card draw held during the meeting for four paintings by young artists Tomasz Kozłowski, Ewelina Mąkosa, Wiktor Janicki and Mateusz Dąbrowski provided an excellent opportunity to start such a collection.

Key communication tasks:
  • Introduce new partners at the helm of White & Case after a generational change
  • Highlight the image of a forward-looking law firm ready to face new challenges
  • Strengthen the position and recognition of the firm’s key lawyers
  • Strengthen business relationships with the firm’s clients and business partners

The effects of our actions:

The exclusive business meeting surrounded by modern art and held in the iconic Emilia building in Warsaw was enthusiastically received and fondly remembered by the invited guests

The image of White & Case was refreshed with a younger generation joining the team after a generational change

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